Name: Jan Stefan Korecki
Date of birth: 1971-06-27
Place of birth: Västerås
Nationality: Swedish 

Curriculum vitae:

1988-1991 Upper secondary school at Wenströmska gymnasium

1991-1992 Military service at I19/P5 in Boden

1992-1993 Employee at Skanska Inc as a civilengineer

1994-...... Studying for my Master in Social Science with a major in Business administration Mälardalen University.
More information (in swedish).

1996-1997 Chairman of Mentor.

1997-1998 Webdesigner at the University Library at Mälardalen University. Have a look (well they have apparenetly changed the layout to a much inferior one.... ;-) ). 

1998- Contactor Data AB 

I am working as a computer consultant specialized in databases. I have mainley worked with Oracle Databases. I am a certified Oracle Application Developer, rel 2. My current assignment is as an mixed DBA/Devloper. 

What I do in my sparetime ;-)

Jan Stefan Korecki
Stupvägen 61, 1tr

tel +46-(0)8-585 701 75

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