A slightly retarded farmer has a farm up the coast of California.

Unfortunately, there are no women around. He gets rather desperate, and
decides to try out an old mule.

He puts a stepladder behind the mule, lowers his pants, but then the
mule walks forward. The farmer gets down off the ladder, moves it
forward, and tries again, with the same outcome. This process goes on
for about 5 more iterations, until he finally gets the idea to lead the
mule up to the ocean, so the mule can't walk away. When he gets on the
ladder again, he hears a cry for help out to sea, and sees a drowning
woman flailing her arms.

He jumps off the ladder, swims out to rescue her, and drags her back in.
The woman is totally nude, beautiful, and stacked as well.

After he revives her and nurses her back to health, she gazes into his
eyes with her limpid blue eyes, and says "Oh sir! I'm so thankful to you
for saving my life! I'll do anything to repay you! Anything!!"

So he says to her: "Could you hold that mule for me?"